Design and Operations Quality booklet (pdf) here

Design and Operations Quality presentation (pptx) here

Process Approach presentation (pptx) here

Quality Function Deployment, long version (pptx) here

Product QFD 4-phase model (xlsx): Empty of data here

Product QFD model (xlsx): Carry strap, Case Study 1 example here

Service QFD model (xlsx): Technical Service, Case Study 2 example here

Anlytical Hierarchy Process template (xlsx) here


See an example integrated Process Manual here. Contains a full range of pre-defined processes for demonstration purpose. This version was developed for a desktop display and is best viewed in a landscape screen.

Process Manual, template files [1.6Mb .ZIP file] here, in mobile-friendly responsive web format.

Chart Maker, beta release software [223Kb .ZIP file, contains .EXE and .DOC file] here, for producing the Process Manual flow charts.