Design and Operations Quality presentation (pptx) here

Process Approach presentation (pptx) here

Quality Function Deployment, long version (pptx) here


Product QFD 4-phase model (xlsx): Template empty of data here

Product QFD 4-phase model (xlsx): Carry strap, Case Study 1 example here

Service QFD 4-phase model (xlsx): Technical Service, Case Study 2 example here

Analytical Hierarchy Process template (xlsx) here

Process Manual (QMS):


See an example integrated Process Manual here. Contains a full range of pre-defined processes for demonstration purpose. This version was developed for a desktop display and is best viewed in a landscape screen. The full set of files can be downloaded here (17Mb .ZIP file). Copy the ‘pm’ directory out of the zip file and open ‘index.html’. Modify for your own use.

Process Manual, template files [1.6Mb .ZIP file] here, in mobile-friendly responsive web format.

Chart Maker, beta release software [223Kb .ZIP file, contains .EXE and .DOC file] here, for producing the Process Manual flow charts.