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Design and operations presentation
Design and Operations Quality booklet (pdf) here

Design and Operations Quality presentation (pptx) here

Process Approach presentation (pptx) here

Quality Function Deployment, long version (pptx) here
QFD template and examples
Product QFD 4-phase model (xlsx): Empty of data here

Product QFD model (xlsx): Carry strap, Case Study 1 example here

Service QFD model (xlsx): Technical Service, Case Study 2 example here

Anlytical Hierarchy Process template (xlsx) here


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Quality and innovation gap model
Quality and innovation gaps model
Organisational gaps result on quality and innovation
Organisational gaps result
Optimisation result within a functionally divided organisation

Non-integrated, functionally divided organisation
Optimisation result within a process-approach organisation

Integrated, collaborative process-approach organisation
QFD and IOS 9001 integrated within High Level Structure (HLS) model
Design and Operations processes integrated within the ISO HLS system model
People empowerment and performance motivation

People motivations cycle
ISO 16355-1 QFD flow chart

QFD process (adapted per ISO 16355-1)
Comprehensive QFD model
Comprehensive QFD model overview
Comparison of Quality Function Deployment models
QFD projects complexity and example models
Selective span of QFD phases
QFD project phases span options
Origin of 4-phase Quality Function Deployment
Origin of 4-phase QFD
Evolved 4-phase QFD approach model

Evolved 4-phase QFD model
Description of the 4 phases in QFD

QFD phases description
Steps within each the phases in QFD

QFD phase activities
Innovation QFD matrix of matrices
Innovation QFD matrix-of-matrices
Innovation path in systematic QFD approach
Innovation QFD development path
Gantt chart for QFD project
Gantt chart
Kano needs diagram
Kano's needs diagram
Maslow needs pyramid

Maslow's pyramid of needs
Kano-Maslow value diagram

Kano-Maslow value diagram
Affinity diagram technique

Affinity diagram
Analytical Hierarchy Process
Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)
Translating customer requirements into design requirements

Translation table
Hierarchy of evidence quality

Hierarchy of evidence-base
Calculations for the House of Quality (HoQ)
House of Quality
House of Quality Whats context
'Whats' context
House of Quality Hows context

'Hows' context
QFD balanced translation
Balanced translation
House of Quality example algorithmic transfer
House of Quality populated
Interrelated parent and child projects in QFD
Hierarchy of QFD parent and interrelated child projects
Pugh's selection technique

Pugh's concept selection method
TRIZ theory of inventive problem solving

Cost-Function Analisys

Function-Cost Analysis
Parameters diagram in Robust Engineering Design

Parameters diagram,
example in RED
Casting process in Robust Engineering Design example

Casting process,
example in RED
Factors responses in Robust Engineering Design

Variability responses,
example in RED
Faulty Tree in FMEA

Fault tree
Failurer Mode and Effects Analysis chart

FMEA chart
3 drivers for quality

3 drivers for quality
Management System model based on ISO High Level Structure

Quality Management System model
ISO process model

Single process model
ISO 9001 is a life-cycle of improvement

Life-cycle of improving
Shift in tolerance to poor quality

Tolerance threshold shift
Cost of quality curve

Cost of quality

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