The integrated management system should define any process that can affect the planning, operation and control of any of the system standards that the organisation has adopted. The process definition should describe what, who and how well something is done, which in standards terms are inputs, outputs, responsibility and criteria. Do not define processes for obvious activities or those that professional people are trained to know how to perform.

For each individual process, all of the organisational, standard and regulatory requirements – from the various different sources – are combined into the single process definition, in a coherent way. For example, we do not create management review processes for each the quality system and the environmental system; but instead we create a single process that reviews quality and environmental systems together, in one activity. The related processes documentations are further combined into a single ‘process manual’, or whatever you may choose to name it, as opposed to separate quality system and environmental system manuals.

Formal management standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, do not prescribe any particular documentation structure. They do prescribed a shared High Level Structure (HLS) and core language, which enables their integration. Below demonstrates an example concept for implementing integration in processes documentation.

Processes documentation structure

Processes documentation and relation to management system requirements model

Desktop browser-based example

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Process Manual structure in browser-based implementation

The example browser-based process manual (here) contains a full range of pre-defined processes. Implemented for desktop screen-size. See below for a mobile-friendly template.

Download Process-approach presentation [2.1Mb .pptx] here.

Download Process Manual, template files [1.6Mb .ZIP file] here, in mobile-friendly responsive web format.

Download Chart Maker, beta release software [223Kb .ZIP file, contains .EXE and .DOC file] here


Process manual related example images. Hold/right-click an image for view or save options.

Integrated Management System model based on ISO High Level Structure
Integrated Management System model, based on ISO HLS
Quality Management System observation record form
System observations record chart
ISO 9001 checklist
System maturity assessment form (see use in auditing)
Core processes map
Core processes chart, example
Strategy deployment process
Strategy deployment process, example
Business risk and continuity process
Risk and continuity process, example
Management review process
Management review process, example
Internal auditing process
Internal auditing process, example
Market monitoring and feedback process
Market feedback process, example
Proactive and reactive corrections process
Corrective actions process, example
Competencies needs analysis process
Competencies process, example
Suppliers management process
Supplier management process, example
Occupational Health & Safety process
Occupational H&S process, example
Production process definition
Production process, example
Document control process
Document control process, example
Records control process
Record control process, example