The experience of quality depends on, one, the product or service being designed to meet requirements and, two, the operations system consistently produces and delivers the product as was intended by the designer.


QFD slide show


QFD slide show

The operations system does more than simply conforming to the designer’s specification. It will learn from its own activities and the forever evolving customer feedback, identifying opportunities for improving the original design. Design and operations are thereby elements of an integrated wider system, arranged around the Plan-Do-Check-Act management cycle. ISO 16355-1 on QFD and ISO 9001 on quality management provide the models to be integrated into a system.

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Booklet introducing Quality Function Deployment design approach, or sub-process, within the process based ISO 9001 management system model. (free pdf download here).

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Presents the Evolved 4-phase QFD model, including a walk-through case study. Everything needed to start applying QFD, including some associated development tools and techniques.


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Expands the 4-phase model, with 4 steps, into a 16-matrix innovations approach for products and services. Includes an indespensible collection of strategy, product and process development concepts.

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Management system framework for tackling the integration of multiple management systems standards, such as for quality, environment, energy reduction, occupational health & safety, finances and other.